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When I first met Laura I could see that she was the kind of homeschooling mother I wanted to be. She was still teaching her seven children at the time, but made herself available to answer my questions over the years with plenty of helpful advice. Her approach frequently goes against the mainstream, which is exactly what I like. 

Rachael Wheeler, homeschooling mother of 9, the oldest having graduated in 2019

Laura’s expertise on the subject of teaching children at home has inspired me during my own homeschooling journey, to the point where I have personally consulted with her on home education. She never hesitates to share her hard-won knowledge in order to help families communicate and grow together. I have had the pleasure of meeting two of her grown children in person; they are a testimony to her dedication and tireless self-education. You won’t be sorry you joined her homeschooling community.

Tom Woods, father of 5, host of The Tom Woods Show,

The Happy Homeschool is a valuable resource for everyone. Laura’s advice comes from years of experience, and her children are now brilliant and delightful adults, creatively engaging with their families and communities by doing work they’ve been passionate about from childhood. Her first words to me as I embarked on my own homeschooling adventure were, “Let them play.” Since then, I’ve read many of her blog posts ranging from lesson planning and chore systems, to building a good relationship with our kids. Laura encourages us to remember that, as parents, we know and care about the needs of each of our children more than any other person can, and because of that we are well equipped to teach them.

Ashley Wornell, homeschooling mother of 5

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Homeschooling was one of the most important decisions we made for our family. I thoroughly enjoy encouraging others in their homeschool journey. 

My Best 25 Homeschool Tips provide a solid philosophical and practical foundation to make that a happy journey for everyone in the family!

Laura Blodgett, founder of The Happy Homeschool